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Why 28

Posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2006 at 08:28PM by Registered CommenterLon Langston | CommentsPost a Comment | References3 References

Since before I can remember, I have had a special affinity with the number twenty-eight (28). This has no root of which I’m aware. It wasn’t my jersey number on a sports team; it’s not my birthday or wedding anniversary. It’s simply my favorite number.

Now, having a favorite number is of absolutely no practical use (especially since I don’t gamble). Well almost no practical use. In fact, I have fabricated a very practical, even life-changing use for my beloved 28. 

Incidentally, there are some ways it has showed up in my life. I was married in July of 1993, when I was 28 years old and my two daughters are 28 month apart in age.

For whatever reason this number, 28, likes me and I like it. So, I decided to put it to work - to give it a job - to make it somehow useful in my life.

Let me make it perfectly clear that I don’t now, nor have I ever, believed that the number 28 (or any other number) has any significance other than what you or I may assign to it. It just happened to get stuck in my head.  So I found a handy use for it.

Twenty-four times each day it is 28 minutes past the hour. As in 1:28, 2:28, etc… The utility I found for 28 is that whenever I see a 28 on a clock I stop and clear my mind. I thank God for all the good stuff in my life. I do a mini-meditation. I do nothing (see “Do Nothing“ post) just for a few seconds. If I’m working, I pause. If I’m driving, I turn the radio off. If I’m at home, I stop whatever I’m doing.

Experts on stress reduction tell us that stopping the rush of normal life at intervals during the day is a stress-control tool. If, just for a minute, peace replaces pandemonium, our health and our enjoyment of life is improved.

28 is a trigger. It reminds me to step back or rise above or disconnect for a moment. After an interlude of stillness I find it easy to regroup and address the issues of the day with a fresh perspective and clarity. This is how 28 works for me. I would encourage you to find and use your own stillness trigger.

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